Inkon3 - Fadeout No Line Coloring - Detail Ink

€ 8.95

The Magical, game changing - Fadeout No Line Coloring Ink - The original, only ink specifically designed for no line coloring: The only ink that is completely neutral in color

* Works with both warm and cool colors
*Will not contaminate the color of the media you lay on top
* Works great for detailed, small and large images
* Fadeout ink lines become the color of the media you lay on top
* Works with watercolor, alcohol markers, pencils and so much more.
* Designed to help make no line coloring easier for the beginner with the quality and versatility experts and artists love!
* Stamp once for a lighter color, re-stamp if you need darker lines for your eyesight (double, triple stamping will not effect how the ink performs)
* You can pre-stamp if you like Fadeout ink lines do fade over a 24 hour period, but you can still see enough to color later, (once you lay your color on top of our Fadeout Ink, lines they will become that color)

Created & Developed by our very own Fleurette Bloom
The ink will actually take on the color you lay on top without loosing details!
* Hybrid Ink
* Acid Free
* Archival
* Waterproof
* Fast drying
* Proudly Made In the USA and of the highest quality



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