Vaessen Creative - Score Easy Scoring Board - MINT (centimenters)

€ 24.95

Product description

Score Easy is perfect for anyone who likes to be creative with paper. Whether you prefer scrapbooking, card making or paper crafting, this folding board makes paper folding a breeze. Folding Envelopes or Cards: With the Scoreboard Tool, you can quickly and easily create a straight / sharp line. It can be used with different types of paper, including cardboard and scrap paper. Fold A4 or scrap paper: everything is possible! The dimensions of the Score Easy are 30,5x30,5cm.

The scoring board by Vaessen Creative is a versatile folding board with a working surface of 30.5 x 30.5 cm. Perfect for crafting envelopes, folding boxes, gift boxes, cards and for score lines.
All units on our scoring board are in inches. The details on our Score Easy Triangular Ruler are designed for use with the score lines on the Score Easy.

Watch the video below to see how the Score Easy works.

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