Nuvo - Deluxe Adhesive lijm - 60ML

€ 5.25

De Nuvo lijm is een lijm die heel sterk hecht, een fijne punt heeft om heel precies mee te lijmen. Tevens droogt deze zo transparant op dat je hier ook vellum mee kunt lijmen.

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Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive is our most outstanding glue in the range. The silky white formula is water-based and has the highest concentration of PVA. The glue dries crystal clear and will work on multiple surfaces such as paper, card, foam, acetate and MDF. This unique adhesive provides low crinkle effect on card, making it perfect for the professional finish.

The exclusive 60ml bottle and nozzle are engineered to sit perfectly in your hand, giving you a comfortable and controlled application. The nozzle is precise enough for fine detail while being durable enough for larger surface areas. The easy application of this top selling adhesive makes it a must for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

This charming bottle shape comes in 60ml / 2 fl.oz

✓ Precision nozzle

✓  Easy to hold bottle, engineered in-house

✓  Dries clear

✓  Water-based

✓  Large 60ml bottle

✓ A craft essential

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