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Silhouette - Replacement Blade
Artikelnummer: SILH-BLADE-3-3T

€ 12,95

Silhouette - Replacement Blade
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Pronty - Whitaxx polyester - 10pcs / A4 / 125 mu
Artikelnummer: 470.150.001

Geschikt om zelf stencils mee te maken met o.a. de Silhouette.

These sheets are packed in bag per 10 pieces. This is a nice quantity to start making your own stencils and templates. Whitaxx polyester is now available in a thinner quality; 125 mμ. That is a great thicknes for making your own stencils. Easy for cutting with a hobby knife. But really great for the digital craft cutting machines. Not suitable in combination with small cutting dies!

€ 6,50

Pronty - Whitaxx polyester - 10pcs / A4 / 125 mu
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Cricut - Cutting Mats 12
Artikelnummer: 2001974

2 matten

Ook zeer geschikt voor gebruik in de Silhouette Cameo

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€ 14,99

Cricut - Cutting Mats 12"X12" - 2/Pkg - Standard Grip
14,99EUROp voorraad