Magic Glue - Bookbindery Scrapbooking Glue in a Plastic Tube - 45g

€ 3.99

Magic Glue is a wonderful glue that makes us proud. White and creamy, quickly becomes transclucent and creamy after drying, fully deserving its name! Extraordinary properties of the glue (flexible, translucent when dry) make it excellent at binding various textures and materials, including combinations of the materials. The glue can be applied directly or with brush, spatula, or roller. The surface needs to be clean and dry to ensure best performance. When working with porous materials such as fabric, it is advisable to apply the product on both sides and press and hold for a few moments. 45g. Magic Glue is ideal for: Bookbinding; Paper and cardboard; Porcelain and ceramics; Wood and cork; Fabric; Aluminium & Polyester foil; Polystyrene foam & Concrete.

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